Network-attached USB hub connects USB peripheral devices anywhere on a LAN – without a locally-attached host PC.

Key Features

  • Unique USB over IP technology
  • Overcome traditional 5m USB distance limitation
  • USB ports appear to be locally attached – just plug ‘n’ play
  • Attach USB devices to a host PC across a network without software changes
  • Enables centralised monitoring of remote USB devices
  • Ideal for mission critical applications

Product Description

AnywhereUSB allows remote USB devices to connect to a PC across a TCP/IP network regardless of location. The 5m distance limitation of USB has traditionally been a problem when devices such as scanners, printers, test equipment or data acquisition products have needed to be connected to a PC. This is no longer the case thanks to the AnywhereUSB which will network up to 5 individual 12Mbps USB devices over a 10/100Mbps Ethernet link.

2 new models have recently been added – the AnywhereUSB/2 – 2 port low cost version and AnywhereUSB TS4 with 4 x USB ports and 4 x RS232 ports.

Please choose country specific power cord from Accessories section.

Please note that the AnywhereUSB currently supports bulk mode USB devices only. Isochronous USB devices are not supported. Please check with device manufacturer if unsure.