JEDEC standard 2.6V +/- 0.2V Power Supply

Key Features

  • JEDEC standard 2.6V +/- 0.2V Power Supply
  • JEDEC Standard 184-pin
  • 2 bit pre-fetch
  • DLL aligns DQ and DQS transition with CK transition
  • Bi-Directional data strobe with one clock cycle
  • Auto Refresh (CBR) and Self Refresh Modes support.
  • SDRAM operating temperature range -40°C ≤ TA ≤ +85°C
  • Gold Finger 30μ”
  • RoHS Compliant


Wide Temperature  Golden finger  Coating


Product Description

Designed for industrial systems, Innodisk’s Wide Temperature DRAM modules are best suited for applications that must work in extreme temperatures. These modules use industrial-grade SDRAM components with 30u” gold finger to ensure that the memory maintains its high-quality signal, even at temperatures as low as -40ºC or as high as 85ºC.