USB 2.0 RANGER 2201/2204

Cat 5 USB 2.0 Extender

Key Features

  • Solves the 5m USB distance problem
  • Extends USB 2.0 up to 100m
  • Supports USB 2.0 & USB 1.1 devices
  • Robust Hub enclosures
  • Plug & Play operation, no drivers to install
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS & Linux
  • USB bus powered at PC end
  • Power Adaptor required at Remote end
  • Can be used in conjunction with USB hubs

Product Description

The Ranger 2201 and 2204 capitalise on Icron’s many years of expertise in developing USB extenders, they provide high performance and transparent USB 2.0 extension up to 100m over standard CatX cable. ‘ExtremeUSB’ is the patented protocol that makes this extender stand out from the rest of the crowd – when reliability and compatibility are the prime concerns, the Ranger series are without competition.

The Ranger 2201 is a single port extender system for users who prefer a hub type enclosure. The Ranger 2204 is a 4 port hub extender system.

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