Ethernet Extenders over Copper Pair

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  • ED3501 SERIES

    Industrial 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Extender
  • ED3541 SERIES

    Hardened 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Extender
  • IEX-402-SHDSL

    Managed SHDSL Ethernet extender
  • IEX-402-VDSL2

    Managed VDSL2 Ethernet extender
  • MODEL 2174

    CopperLink™ Ethernet Extender
  • MODEL CL1214

    Achieving symmetrical line rates greater than 168 Mbps over single twisted-pair, Cat 5e/6/7 or coaxial cable, Patton’s CopperLink™ 1214 Ethernet Extender is the fastest CopperLink™ ever.
  • MODEL CL1314

    Use the CopperLink 1314 Auto-Rate Ethernet Extender to interconnect remote LANs up to 3.4 miles apart using single-twisted-pair cabling—and realize the best-possible speed/distance combination in the industry!

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