What We Do

Enrich technology understanding, Automation relevance and product accessibility are the major reasons with which Amplicon Middle East foundation was laid. To introduce a Innovative range of products and solutions to the companies and customers in the GCC and entire Middle East, we entered into product marketing and distribution of innovative products that can help organizations streamline business activities, which otherwise is a time-consuming exercise.

We’re backed by a team of pre-sales support professionals who help clients understand usability of the product, solution intricacies and assist them in infrastructure designing. Implementation of the solution is managed by our experienced squad of post-sales support that helps resolve all technical glitches at client sites.

Here at Amplicon Middle East, the customer’s happiness is more important than a sale. We believe every single customer is important to our business. We continuously enjoy connecting with our customers and pride ourselves on three major aspects of our company which sets us apart from our competitors:

  • Customer Service
  • Professional Experience
  • Intelligence of Products